One of the largest producers and exporters of birch products in Russia
years of work in the world market
million m3 / year -
own cutting area
thousand m3 / year - the volume of sawmilling
thousand m3/year - finished products
person - number of staff
The main activity of the company "Profit Siberian Birch" is the procurement, manufacture and sale of birch lumber. Our company is able to satisfy the needs of any consumer, because all the semi-finished products and goods offered are of high quality, and a wide range will allow any customer to form the necessary application in one company. We keep our prices in the middle price category, betting on quality and reliability. The product is certified, meets quality standards.
Over the years, the company has accumulated unique competencies in terms of working with birch. It is important to understand that, along with the undeniable advantages of this wood, such as: sufficiently high hardness, not high cost, not complicated processing, good ability to bend and keep its shape; birch has one feature, because of which not every company likes to work with it - it dries very slowly. Profit Siberian Birch boasts that it can quickly and correctly dry, process and store birch billets and finished products.
The company is equipped with sawmilling equipment of the German company EWD, drying chambers Muhlbock, processing equipment of the German companies Weinig and Sshroeder. Equipment for the production and painting of furniture is presented by leading Italian manufacturers.
The quality of the products, known under the brand "Siberian Birch" and based on strict international standards, is highly appreciated not only within the country, but far beyond its borders. All manufactured products are in steady demand, and the Siberian Birch brand is a guarantee of quality and high service. The company has implemented the concept of waste-free production: all sawmilling and woodworking waste is used as fuel for its own boiler room, and the surplus is sold to interested companies.
About the Siberian Birch company
PSB is positioned in the global market of furniture and hardwood blanks as the only fully vertically integrated supplier (from the lease of forests to the final product):
Unique competencies
PSB is the most competitive (in terms of price) supplier with all technological processes within one enterprise
Has international sales coverage in all markets (in the EU, Canada, USA, Japan, China, South Korea and more than 10 other countries)

It has production facilities near forest resources, and this minimizes the amount of waste and reduces the supply of high-availability products

Provides an optimal solution for customers using full flexibility from sawmilling to processing (maximum useful output)
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Profit Financial and Industrial Group is an actively developing multi-industry industrial group of companies with a long-term development strategy, having strong production competencies, having experience in conducting export and import activities, in some cases unique in the country experience in improving enterprises, as well as its own technology for the development of production areas. To date, the group owns and operates more than 20 enterprises in various regions of the country.
Established in November 2020, it combines the assets of FPG Profit in the Logging, Woodworking, Furniture Manufacturing and related Industries Division. The company is engaged in strategy development in the segment of woodworking, furniture manufacturing and related industries, as well as investment management in the division, including the selection of future assets.

founded in June 2020. The main function of the company is to provide customers with the necessary raw materials and semi-finished products for woodworking from standard lumber to specialized and finished wooden elements and structures. The main goals and objectives of the company are to manage sales of all assets of the woodworking division.
it was created in June 2020. The company specializes in wood processing and production of high-tech solid wood products and semi-finished wood products.
founded in June 2020. Specializes in logging by mechanized complexes on the territory of the Omsk region.
the company specializes in the processing of coniferous wood and is ready to produce not only semi-finished products from roundwood, but also finished high-quality products.
it was created in order to meet the demand for high-quality container pallets of its own production. The production site is located in the Moscow region
It was established in May 2021 in the process of integration of the Engels Furniture Factory, which has been producing kitchen and other cabinet furniture for more than 85 years.
production is traditionally focused on meeting the demand for turnkey wooden houses in serial or individual execution.
produces furniture made of solid wood and sheet material for the city, country house, office. The company is ready for both serial orders and individual projects.
Logging and woodworking direction
Address: 644073, Omsk, 2nd Solnechnaya str., 57
Working hours: Mon-Fri: from 9:00 to 17:00
personal consultant
personal consultant
Show Room in Moscow
Adress: Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya str., 25, building 97, 5th floor
Show Room in Omsk
Address: 644073, Omsk, 2nd Solnechnaya str., 57